We provide services for the development and series production
of various types of plastics according to your specifications

Benefits of working with us
Comprehensive. Quickly. Qualitatively. Effectively. Profitably.
Ability to realise your ideas by concentrating on the essentials

There is no need to recruit a large team, design the product, make the tools, prepare production, find specialists, equipment, space and materials.

Ability to start the next stages of your production immediately

You know that you will receive quality products just in time, and can focus your efforts on working through the remaining stages of assembly or production.

A clearly defined budget

In a volatile market and with dramatic price trends, you know exactly how much your product will cost.

Interaction with the best specialists.

You know the result you want, and our specialists take care of tool design, production preparation, and finding the best materials for your product. We are always in touch, ready to answer all your questions.

Stages in the development of products made from different types of plastics according to your specifications
  • 01
    Development of the product specifications. This step is necessary if you do not have a clear statement of work. In this case, our specialists will study your wishes and needs and develop the necessary product drawings.
  • 02
    Design and manufacture tooling and prepare production for the launch of your products. This stage is entirely our responsibility. Our specialists select the optimum raw material manufacturer and develop the tools with which your future product will be manufactured.
  • 03
    Testing and making prototypes. Once the tool is ready, we start testing. Once our side has judged the product to be compliant with the specification, we agree on a prototype with you. Together we define a prototype for further work.
  • 04
    Launch into production. If all stages are successfully completed, we start serial production of your product.

At every stage of development we work closely with you.

You always know at what stage of production your product is at.

Our highly qualified specialists are ready to answer all your questions and find the most efficient solution for your needs.

You can call us:
+7 (4842) 500-595
+7 (4842) 500-596

or order

About production
  • The PLASTIGY production site is located in Kaluga and occupies more than 20,000 square metres.
  • A modern fleet of equipment enables the production of even the most complex extrusion profiles and moulded parts.
  • Over 150 exclusive projects based on the technical specifications of the partners are developed and realised by our specialists.
  • The wide range of raw materials, used in production helps to choose the best solution for partners' projects: ABS, ASA, PC, PP, PA, PMMA, PS, HDPE, PVC, TPE, TPE.
your reliable partner!

Different technologies in a single production

A wide range of capabilities enables us to solve our customers' complex problems.

Professional managers

Our managers are always available to answer any questions, to help choose the best solution for customers' projects.

Quality Management System

Our production is certified according to the standards of Quality Management System - ISO: 9001.

Local manufacture in Russia

100% of our production capacity is located in Kaluga, Russia.


More than 25 years of experience in contracting projects of varying complexity for companies operating in a variety of markets.

Personal service

We work out optimal scheme of co-operation, are flexible in our relations with the customer.

Fair prices

We obtain the best price to quality ratio.

Quality and on time

Our clients always receive our goods of high quality and just in time.

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